justCHARGE is an all-in-one platform, which provides you with complete set-up and management of your EV charging infrastructure and its billing system.

What do you get with justCHARGE system?

  • Simple user experience, no RFID cards and no apps
  • AutoCharge and Plug&Charge ISO 15118 support
  • Complete overview and control of energy consumption
  • Allows you to determine the charging tariff according to the group of users
  • Connects with company vehicles and automizes charging payments
  • Automated care for all transactions, with no hidden costs
  • Comprehensive on-site and remote care
  • 24/7 support


Tourism and Hospitality

When it comes to choosing a tourist destination, accommodation or restaurant, around 70% of EV drivers will pick places that have a charging station installed on their premises.

Retail and Services

Make your sites more attractive. Research shows that e-drivers look for sites with charging stations, where they then spend more time, while waiting for their car to finish charging.

Residential Areas and Real Estate

Installed charging stations at your premises add value to your real estate, but they will soon become a necessity. Follow the winds of time, take care of your tenants and provide them with a carefree charging solution.


Since EVs are most frequently charged at home or at work, it is highly valuable to provide a charging station to your employees. While providing them and your guests with a charging solution, you will also enjoy passive monthly income.

Commercial parking

Commercial parking sites all around the world are on the brink of necessary modernization. In the next couple of years, we expect at least a 10x increase in the number of EV drivers, who will always prioritize parking sites that offer EV charging.

Traffic calculator

You can use our traffic calculator to calculate the profitability of your EV charging station.