By developing an EV charging infrastructure on your public premises you will support your EV-driving citizens and encourage others to follow their example. This will greatly improve the quality of air and support the transition towards a net zero carbon society. One of the main setbacks when it comes to buying an EV is the belief that there aren’t enough charging stations to support EV drivers. This is where municipalities have a crucial role to play, especially when it comes to residential areas where people lack private parking spots or garages.

On a global scale, municipalities carry a certain responsibility to inform and proactively tackle local and global environmental challenges. This is where setting up a fully operational EV charging network will prove crucial to the development of different areas of your municipality, while inspiring your neighbors to do the same.

At justCHARGE we advise and help you to set up and manage your EV charging network. Together we enthusiastically tackle all those challenges that will require a very near future solution. We are ready. And with us, you will be too.


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