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The charger has a very powerful Bender controller, which is the most compatible with our justCHARGE system. With this charger, we can provide a true Plug&Charge experience.

There are four combinations of chargers available, which can be derived from two binaries: whether it has a cable or a socket, and whether it has a 4G modem.

This charger is also the only one (so far) in our online shop that already supports the ISO 15118 standard, which is expected to become the only standard for the plug&charge experience.

It is suitable for both private garages and public spaces – however, we recommend a model without cable.

The charger charges up to 22kW. It has appropriate protections built in so that it does not require any further intervention in the electrical installation.

The charger is one of the few that already includes a MID-certified energy transfer meter, which means it can also be used to charge the electricity consumption to the electricity provider.

All types of chargers have an Ethernet connection and an optional 2G/3G/4G modem is available.

Detailed technical specifications are available in pdf format.

Additional information

Integrated connection cable

Yes, 5m, Socket without cable

4G modem

Yes, No


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